Watch The Viral Video: Beagle Dog Cutely Looks Into Pet Mom’s Eyes As She Works


If you have a pet, you definitely know the dogs’ cute antics. Dogs will always make you smile by doing such things. However, this video will be delightful to watch if you don’t have a dog or are unfamiliar with these cute antics.

The video was shared on Instagram and has gone viral since being shared. This video will lighten up your day, and you will definitely watch it repeatedly. The video involves a very cute Beagle dog and its human. The dog seen in the video is named Toto.

It shows how this cute dog’s pet mom is engaged in some work. But as she tries to focus, her cute dog can be seen, making some signature puppy eyes, and looking straight at her to receive some love and affection it most rightfully deserves. Aakashi Alive’s pet mom shared this video on her Instagram page.

On September 18, the video was posted and received over 2.37 lakh likes. Moreover, encourage people to comments:

“Awww, so cute,” wrote an Instagram user. “Hahahah loved how the song is in sync,” posted another individual. “How sweet,” wrote a third.


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